Clean Image came to us with a truck and a pencil sketched logo. He wanted a mark that would convey he was a carpet cleaner. He was in need of a look that would make him seem less like a fly by night operation and more a permanent fixture. Someone who would be reliable.

When brown bag opened, they had very little budget for signage or advertising. With this in mind created some quick window graphics and some simple menus.

Bootleggers of Troy was looking to start a food truck serving the market-place in downtown troy as well as the surrounding schools. Elements of the bar and the building itself were used to give a “bootlegger” feel to the trailer.

Best Cleaners came to us with a fleet of HHR vehicles. The vehicles that they had partially wrapped in the past had served as a great advertising tool. They were looking to do the same with there new vehicles.

Grassland’s best selling products were their TORO “all in one” machines. The idea was to simply showcase the “all in one” machine and use the trailer as a billboard.

Greek On The Run is a food-truck that was competing for customers along side 5 other food-trucks in the same area. Looking for a way to stand out, they came to us for ideas. The truck also featured customized stand up menu-boards and take away menus.

A mobile car detailing truck. The client wanted his favorite car showcased on all sides of the vehicle and he wanted the use of the business colors to be incorporated into the background.

Prism Glass was looking for editorial and flyer work in order to promote there products and keep the flow of customers going. They also traveled to trade shows and wanted to showcase there work in a professional and appealing manner in a way that would compete with the larger, more established glass producers.

S.H.O.W. stands for sistas' healing old wounds. It is an Albany District Attorney funded redesign project. S.H.O.W. helps women who are trying to re-integrate themselves back into society after being locked away or sent for treatment. The 5 colors represent 5 races coming together to form a “helping hand”

Time Capsule wanted a wedding invitation look to attract wedding planners, brides, & grooms.

Dish was looking for hip shirts for there employees, a graphic language was created in order to define Dish's focus.

A local charitable organization bought a food truck and was using it to serve healthy smoothies to children in impoverished areas. They wanted a loud graphic that would grab kids attention and advertise the program.

CD design

Ace Cleanouts was a startup that offered services to move you out quick. They wanted a memorable logo and business card that would make them stand out from all of the other cleanout services.

Illustration drawn by Russ. CD, Tape and Shirts printed.

B&J Guns was looking for a truck graphic that would draw potential customers in at gun shows as well as being a billboard when parked

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