Driving Brand Awareness


With Brand Awareness Comes Growth and Sales.

Your audience becomes aware of your mark when it can interact with them, strike a nerve, or cause some sort of emotion. The job of a good mark is to stick in the minds of a potential client long after they see it.


A good mark that stays with a client


A confusing mark that will fade in the clients mind.

Bad Design Creates Less Brand Awareness.

Your audience has to deal with millions of image a day, your mark has 6-8 seconds to interact with a potential client. The example to the right will be overlooked for a myriad of reasons (poor legibility, similarity to other marks in the same field, lengthy name, bad design, etc…). A poorly designed mark fades quickly in the mind of your potential clients.

While it might seem cost effective to start creating your brand by yourself, unless you are a trained designer, efforts will mostly be for naught. Art class was the “easy” class in high-school but rest assured, there is alot that goes into making a marketing strategy, brand, identity, or effective mark. It’s not just some shapes on a page, it is a meticulously crafted subject matter. If it were done correctly it should involve research of everything including color, subject matter, market trends, targeted audiences, etc. The results should encompass the whole of a business, from what type it should use, to what mark should be faxed or photocopied.

You Have A Brand, Now Go Advertise.

You’ve gone to a media company or design agency to develop an Identity or clean up your old one. Advertisement is the next step of your climb to success but what are you going to say? What form of advertising will be most effective?

A university conducted a study over a period of 7 years. Several large corporations invested millions in the study that followed several small businesses. The goal of the research was to measure and track return-on-investment (ROI) experienced in all sorts of advertisement.
The results of the 7 year long study filled more than 2,000 pages but had only 3 conclusions. There is no correlation between money spent and investment return. The message that speaks to a consumer is the only thing that matters. If you’ve identified your message,  frequency of repetition will increase sales. 

  • There is no correlation between investment and increased business
  • The way a message is presented & speaks to a potential customer is the only thing that matters.
  • Frequent delivery of that quality message raises sales.



A creative, heartfelt, simple message will connect with your audience and drive sales.


Advertising With an Engaging Message.

Use your message to interact with your audience! You’ve spent time with creatives to develop your message. The most powerful tool in you’re arsenal is in using that message to interact with your audience.

Your potential client / customer is inundated daily with thousands of marks,  messages,  images,  and advertisements. It is the creatives and the advertisers job to yell louder and more effectively than all the other clutter. Engaging with your potential customer is your goal.snakewrapThe job of a good creative company is to take the message of a client and use the world around us to make your potential customer say WHOA! Forcing someone to see the world in a new way creates an impactful engagement with the audience making them associate with your mark and message.PUBL_05079_34457812A
Out Of the Home Advertisement has proven to be the most cost effective with the greatest ROI of any other form of advertisement. People are show to be 30% more alert when out of the house,  and so it follows that advertisement impressions will go up drastically outside of the house.


There are many ways to target specific markets and to some degree all are effective. The 7 year college ROI research experiment I had mentioned before summarized that with an effective message and quality brand,  the most valuable return on investment was outdoor advertisement. Below is a chart that outlines the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for each avenue of advertisement.tumblr_lyu2y9Ah8W1r9xne1o1_500


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